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• Vaquero Photography reserve the right to edit and make changes to any informations on this page at any time necessary.

• All Vaquero Photography photos come with my Vaquero.Photography printmark signature on them. My Vaquero Photography printmark clearly brands all my photos letting the viewer know that it was created by me. I am particularly fussy when someone is buying a digital download(s) that you DO NOT CROP OUT OR AWAY my Vaquero Photography printmark from the photo. If you need to your photo in a different size please feel contact me, so that I may help you.

• I have elected the printing company of Bay Photo to handle all our printing needs for the products you are seeking to buy, and they establish the pricing for those products. What’s my profit for this photo? For now my pricing is 15% of the cost of whatever you are buying. What’s in for you? Your product(s) you are buying are being made affordable to buy. Lets figure one example. You just bought a Wall Art (ready to hang) > 12” X 12” Float Mounted Metal Print in Mid Gloss. Bay Photo’s price is showing the cost of $37.00 without shipping cost applied. If you subtract 15% from 100% that = 85% correct, now multiply $37.00 x 85% = $31.45(Bay Photo receive this amount). Now subtract $31.45 from $37.00 = $5.55 (Vaquero Photography profit) the 15% for photographing your photo you love is paying me a profit of $5.55 I didn’t have to share this information with you but I wanted to shed this light on it so that you know these products are top quality products that I am making affordable for you to buy and to have a lasting memory forever!

• I do not provide or mail unfinished photos on a CD. If I photographed you 30 times at an event I sort out only thee best photos to create a memory photo for you forever. I am not going to waste your time or my time and ask you to pay for photos that will not produce you a memory photo you want to keep, that’s foolishness and costly.

• You have five different categories to select from when Buying your photo(s) products. Select the type of product you want for your photo:

• Paper Prints: Get just the print without the fixin’s. Perfect for photo albums, scrapbooks, wallets, and more.

• Wall Art: Includes vendor-specific specialties such as canvas, ThinWraps, Block Prints, Aluminium, and MetalPrints.

• Desk Art: Includes vendor-specific options such as flat- and curved-metal prints.

• Keepsakes: Includes mugs, buttons, and more.

• Phone Cases: Get a personalized case for your phone. Includes cases for iPhone and Android phones.

• Digital Downloads: Save a digital copy of a photo to your own hard drive for posterity or printing elsewhere.

Make Your Memories Last Forever

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